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Rio Ferdinand Has Hired an Owl to Be the Ringbearer at His Wedding

Did you know that Rio Ferdinand and his fiancĂ©e have arranged to have a barn owl glide down the aisle at their wedding carrying their rings in a velvet pouch? It’s true, or at least Daily Mirror-true. Via that unbreachable redoubt (thanks to Amalfitano for the tip):

The best man will be wearing a falconer’s glove for her to perch on during the ceremony at the aptly named Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Ollie has delivered rings for six couples. The castle’s head falconer Mike Roberts said: “It’s never gone wrong yet.”

I’m sure the internet is going to make fun of Rio for this. But come on. I say if you’re getting married in a castle with a falconer on staff, you find a way to incorporate that falconer. Besides which, you all know you’re going to mist up the day this happens in a Harry Potter movie.


Rio Ferdinand Has Hired an Owl to Be the Ringbearer at His Wedding

by Brian Phillips · March 2, 2009

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