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Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes His Ferrari

Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari into a roadside barrier on the way to training this morning. He wasn’t hurt, but you can’t say the same about the Ferrari.

Apparently Edwin van der Sar was driving along behind Ronaldo in his Bentley—they were in a tunnel near the Manchester airport—and was able to stop and give him a ride to training after he’d crawled out of the wreckage and spoken to police. Manchester United fans, there may be a song in this for you. Ronaldo, the man who totals his $350,000 sports car and doesn’t even skip practice. Maybe just leave out the part about how he’s also the man who plows his $350,000 sports car into the stationary wall of a tunnel.

The Guardian spoke to a witness who observed the extent of the damage:

[T]he front edge of the sports car had been demolished while one of the front wheels had sheared off and could be seen 200 yards away from the scene. A rear tyre was flat. The witness said: “I got there just after the accident had happened and saw the state of the car. It is amazing he got out of it without a scratch.”

The police describe it as a road traffic collision (“A Ferrari has collided with a barrier in the tunnel,” the spokesman said, in what may be the Run of Play Sentence of the Month) while Manchester United’s club spokesman cuts off his strong language at “incident.”

A Ferrari has collided with a barrier in the tunnel. I don’t want to seem totally unsympathetic about this. I mean, it’s only funny because he’s alive.


Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes His Ferrari

by Brian Phillips · January 8, 2009

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