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The MLS SuperDraft Is SuperRocking My SuperFace

Hi! In today’s news involving people who exist, it’s MLS SuperDraft time. Ives says get excited, and I’m excited. Betsy Ross could have made drastic flag mock-ups with the pins and needles I’m on. I don’t know how you are about this game we call beautiful, but to me, when Ives says feel a thing, nobody has to comission me an engineering blueprint. I would walk through fire for that man. Anyway.

The jet’s in cold storage, so I am taking this one in from the observation post of my living room. ESPN2 is clocking in the first timeslab of this thing, and after that, there’s about a zillion liveblogs. If you want the truth diced and tied with a string, Wikipedia is doing it lagless. If you want commentary and opinion, Dylan Butler knows exactly how many first-round picks Toronto has coming. (19. They have 19.)

Woah! The Sounders just took Steve Zakuani. No one thought it wouldn’t happen, even though he treated the pre-draft combine like a giant red kindergarten nap mat. I’d better go watch the action. I’ll be back periodically, or maybe after it’s over, or, actually, tomorrow, to give you my informed take. I’d do a liveblog, but honestly, I don’t think I can stand another broken heart.

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The MLS SuperDraft Is SuperRocking My SuperFace

by Vandal-prone · January 15, 2009

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