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Football Manager 2010 Just Got a Lot More Interesting

Say you’re on the fence. You’re sanding away the rough part of the day in the games store, and you’re thinking, “Gosh, I’d really like to buy Football Manager 2010, but I need some additional motivation beyond the fact that it is part of the greatest video game series ever created.”

Here. Here is your motivation.


From the press release that just landed in my inbox:

In a Willy Wonka-style move, Harry Redknapp’s personal phone number will come with a copy of the new Football Manager 2010 due to hit the shelves on Friday (30th October). The lucky recipient will be able to call him 24/7 to ask his football management advice.

Now, I’m assuming this is overstated, and that you’re not getting Harry Redknapp’s actual normal everyday cell phone number, and that you can’t call him up 65 times a day for advice on your personal problems until an unlikely friendship springs up between you and you take a snorkelling trip up the Amazon. Let’s just take that as read.

Still. Do you realize what this means. This means you could talk to Harry Redknapp. If you play your cards right and survive the first encounter—not a given, but be brave—you might be able to talk to him more than once.

Now, there’s a very good chance that what you could really talk to would be a machine playing back a recorded message from Harry Redknapp. I don’t care. I do not care, and here’s why. Who recorded that message?

That’s right. It was Harry Redknapp.

In the unfolding chapter of Harry Redknapp’s life that’s being written day by day this season, you, you, could take up part of a sentence. Maybe even an independent clause. Maybe after a semicolon. I don’t know. I’m trying not to get carried away.

Harry Redknapp. A man whose complexities are so vast that he once became his own language. A man who brushes off policemen the way other people brush off dandruff. I might buy 50 copies.


Football Manager 2010 Just Got a Lot More Interesting

by Brian Phillips · October 28, 2009

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