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David Beckham and Kevin Garnett Are Friends. They Are Friends.

Kevin Garnett and David Beckham attempt to kick a ball into a basketball goal in today’s top story of things that happened when two people were hanging out spontaneously and not in a staged way at all. Seriously. They just went outside and did this.

Look, I know. I was skeptical, too. Especially when Beckham scored on his first attempt, which seems only marginally more probable than Steven Gerrard successfully using a soccer ball in a trap-shooting competition. But I looked it up on the internet, and of the various blogs that covered it, only two showed any hint of doubt over whether this really just broke out in documentary fashion at a house party to which all the invitees wore matching Adidas apparel. And one of those two was The Spoiler. And let’s face it, sometimes that site’s standards are so high it’s ridiculous.


David Beckham and Kevin Garnett Are Friends. They Are Friends.

by Brian Phillips · February 26, 2009

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