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Iker Casillas’s New Commercials Reveal His Power of Song

Just because it’s obviously bad commercials week for Spanish internationals: Here’s a triptych of Iker Casillas’s recent ad spots for the Spanish insurance company Groupama Seguros. In each ad, Iker stumbles into trouble (an elevator full of groupies, a weird cabbie, and car theft) and then magically resolves it by singing the Groupama Seguros jingle. Apparently, in Spanish culture, a person can take out elevator-full-of-groupies insurance, and apparently he would want to. Anyway, Iker’s rendition of the five-note jingle is endearingly out of tune, but then, he’s only conceded one goal in his last seven games, so I’m prepared to believe that it’s actually the scale that’s mistaken.

[via Off the Post]


Iker Casillas’s New Commercials Reveal His Power of Song

by Brian Phillips · February 8, 2009

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