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Brian Clough and Don Revie: The Legendary Calendar Video

I’m writing on a deadline today, unfortunately, and don’t have time to post at any length about this. But ITV has finally re-released the classic Calendar special from the night Brian Clough was fired as manager of Leeds United. This was the show that saw a swaggering, sucker-punched, tipsy-arrogant Clough face off against his rival and predecessor, the majestically rust-colored Don Revie. How they were maneuvered into the same studio on that night of all nights is a mystery that should probably be put down to the disembodied genius of the ’70s, but it makes for one of the most compelling half-hours in the history of football interviews. I’ll try to make time to say more about it soon—but ITV tends to keep this heavily under wraps while allowing it to emerge, for a few short hours, once every hundred years, like a mummy lord. So enjoy the serendipity of the Damned United cross-promotional window while you can.

And if anyone has a copy of the clip that’s escaped from the ITV catacombs, let me know.

UPDATE: And here it is! Thanks to Twohundredpercent for the discovery.

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Brian Clough and Don Revie: The Legendary Calendar Video

by Brian Phillips · January 29, 2009

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