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Robinho Arrested in Rape Investigation

Manchester City striker Robinho was arrested yesterday over allegations of sexual assault involving an 18-year-old university student. The incident allegedly occurred on January 14, in a nightclub in Leeds. After being brought in by the police (he seems to have turned himself in by prearrangement) Robinho was questioned, gave a DNA sample, and is now out on bail pending further investigation. He’s issued a statement through a spokesperson “strenuously denying” any wrongdoing.

It’s impossible to piece together much more than that from the information available in the media. According to the Telegraph,

Police had hoped to question the former Real Madrid player after City’s training camp in Tenerife earlier this month.

But they were forced to wait after he flew back to Brazil for “family reasons”, thought to be his 25th birthday party. Manager Mark Hughes promised to fine the player over the episode.

Which suggests a number of contradictory interpretations: that Robinho fled the country over the investigation, that police don’t have enough evidence to charge him (otherwise why would they tentatively hope to schedule a questioning after Tenerife rather than just grabbing him Harry Redknapp-style?), and so on.

But none of this is remotely verifiable. At the moment the whole ugly story is in the category of an over-sensationalized mystery. I’m not sure what else we can do but keep an eye on the headlines, and hope the truth comes out.

UPDATE: Sources close to Robinho are denying that he gave a DNA sample and that he’s “out on bail.” See here for details.

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Robinho Arrested in Rape Investigation

by Brian Phillips · January 28, 2009

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