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Dimitar Berbatov Is Not at Ease with Children

And that includes children who exist only on the other side of a sudden screen wipe and a cartoon sound effect.

This is a video of Berbatov answering kids’ questions, and the perfect ease and naturalness with which they speak the questions will erase all suspicion that the questions were actually written by adults and displayed for the children on cue cards. Anyway, The Other D.B. appears consistently amazed by the questions, which include some real posers like “What team did you support as a kid?”, and treats the audience to a healthy round of eye-rolling and lip-sputtering. It’s not that he’s rude, just uncomfortable; play it on mute and this looks like the world’s most improbable failed job interview.

In any case, watch it through to the end. The last question (which he knows the answer to right away) vaults the whole thing up to a Brontë level of creepiness.

[via Dirty Tackle]


Dimitar Berbatov Is Not at Ease with Children

by Brian Phillips · January 23, 2009

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