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Ramón Calderón Resigns

Ramón Calderón has justified my faith in USA Today by resigning from the presidency of Real Madrid—a bit anticlimactically, given the rumors of a frantic last-minute power play and the threat of a mass walkout by the board if he tried to stay. Marca is saying that the board forced the resignation, but it seems to have been a fairly straightforward process.

It just goes to show that when you alienate your openly propagandistic de facto club newspaper to the point that it starts printing photographic evidence of your corruption even though the club won multiple titles during your regime, your goose is more or less cooked.

The club’s vice-president, Vicente Boluda, will succeed Calderón on an interim basis. New elections will probably be called for this summer. The Florentino Pérez comeback train is rolling. The eyelashes of central Spain show no sign of ceasing to flutter in Cristiano Ronaldo’s direction. Alex Ferguson will keep his Gatling gun trained on the empty seat.

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Ramón Calderón Resigns

by Brian Phillips · January 16, 2009

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