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Ramón Calderón Is Resigning

Marca is reporting that Ramón Calderón will resign from his position as president of Real Madrid tomorrow following the revelation that he (or his aides) rigged an assembly vote by allowing 200 nonmembers to vote on his budget, which passed by fewer than 50 votes.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, Marca being Marca and all. But now USA Today is carrying the story, too. And you know a soccer story is solid when the big blue starts trumpeting it.

I’ll miss you, Ramón Calderón. I’ll miss your endless, pointless, unrealizable transfer promises. I’ll miss your crazed media flame wars with Alex Ferguson. I’ll miss your unrelenting public courtship with Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary CR9. No, actually, I won’t miss that at all.

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Ramón Calderón Is Resigning

by Brian Phillips · January 15, 2009

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