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Wayne Rooney’s Brother-in-Law Is Arrested in Connection with Gerrard DJ Assault

I don’t know what Marcus McGee, the part-time DJ who lost a tooth in the bar fight that saw Steven Gerrard arrested for assault, ever did to football, but sweet baby Caroline does he ever seem to be unpopular with its representative families in the Northwest of England. Not only did Steven Gerrard maybe/allegedly smash a beer mug in his face, but now it emerges that Wayne Rooney’s brother-in-law was maybe/allegedly involved in attacking him, too.

Anthony McLoughlin, the 19-year-old brother of Rooney’s wife Coleen, was arrested yesterday and questioned over his role in the melee, which, as you will undoubtedly recall, allegedly began when Steven Gerrard was denied access to an employee swipe card that would allow him to do cunning and soulful things the bar’s sound system. Why the 28-year-old Gerrard is spending his drinking hours with Coleen Rooney’s 19-year-old brother (and weren’t there a couple of other teenage boys in the first wave of arrests to hit his entourage?) is information that has not yet left the custodianship of the police.

It’s important to note that unlike the captain of Liverpool, Wayne Rooney’s brother-in-law hasn’t been charged with a crime, only arrested, questioned, and “released on police bail pending further inquiries” (—Southport Police). Still, my mind can’t help but run ahead to the next twist in this story.

Who else attacked Marcus McGee? Did Kenny Dalglish get a boot in? Did Bryan Robson hold him down while David Fairclough’s nephew went for the pool cue? Did Terry McDermott’s housekeeper ram the ambulance in her Hummer?  Did Sir Bobby Charlton pose as a doctor and try to administer a lethal dose of morphine?

I just have a feeling that the last bombshell hasn’t yet rolled out of this case. Anyway, the fact that the Rooney family was involved should put an end to the theory among Liverpool fans that the DJ “was obviously a Manc who was winding Gerrard up” (and therefore deserved to be attacked and hospitalized).

Gerrard’s court date is January 23. We’ll keep our ears open.

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Wayne Rooney’s Brother-in-Law Is Arrested in Connection with Gerrard DJ Assault

by Brian Phillips · January 14, 2009

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