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The Siren Song of the Family-Friendly Experience

I don’t cover the Bundesliga nearly often enough, which is purely a problem of time. A person comes to a point in life at which he realizes that something may be the most refreshing league in European soccer, but also realizes that Jamie Redknapp is about to drop a new Wii commercial. Anyway, highlights like these, from Hertha’s 4-0 win over Karlsruhe yesterday, make me regret my priorities, or they would, if only Jamie Redknapp’s Wii commercials weren’t so mercilessly great.

There are some sinew-toughening saves before this point, but the musical stuff really starts around 3:00. Lustenberger’s goal (c. 3:40) is almost parodically Argentinaesque.

[via Bundesliga Offside]

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The Siren Song of the Family-Friendly Experience

by Brian Phillips · December 14, 2008

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