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Daniel Zítka Breaks His Leg, and It Only Gets Worse from There

Anderlecht goalkeeper Daniel Zítka suited up for Friday night’s match against Dender with a certain basic confidence in his fellow human beings. He knew he could count on his teammates to give their all, like true professionals. He knew he could count on his opponents not to hurl themselves into him in the box, causing him to break his fibula. And he knew—I think he probably said this to himself, sniffing stoically, as he laced up his boots—that even if he did break his leg in the box, the medics on hand were highly trained men chosen for their skill and competence, not orange-vested circus clowns who would lose their balance while carrying him off the pitch and drop him from the stretcher.

Daniel Zítka knew a lot of things Friday night. It’s much less clear what he still knew Saturday morning.

[via 101 Great Goals]

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Daniel Zítka Breaks His Leg, and It Only Gets Worse from There

by Brian Phillips · November 30, 2008

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