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Barack Obama and the Unspecific Glory of the Carling Cup

According to the Sun (so…but…) Arsène Wenger is using the example of Barack Obama to inspire his Carling Cup team. Interestingly, what seems to have drawn Wenger to Obama is the idea of his inexperience:

I’ve always fought for the idea in sport that, if you have the necessary quality, then you play.

Right now we have the example of Barack Obama in the States, where everybody is really happy because he has made it to the very top.

In this election nobody really knows what his ideas are but the system has brought him to the top just because he has the quality.

Nothing else comes into consideration.

Talented but lacking a definite approach. Your preferred Arsenal-in-the-six-yard-box joke could be inserted here.

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Barack Obama and the Unspecific Glory of the Carling Cup

by Brian Phillips · November 10, 2008

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