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Modena Turn to Exorcism to Ward Off Relegation, Satan

The city of Modena is home to Modena F.C., the football club currently sitting at the bottom of the table in Serie B. It’s also the birthplace of the Catholic priest Gabriele Amorth, Senior Exorcist of the Vatican, founder of the International Society of Exorcists, and all-around expert on demonology.

So it’s probably no surprise that when the strugglers at Modena F.C. started trying to explain their poor performance, they hit upon demonic possession as a likely cause. According to reports out of Italy, Modena have brought in a Benedictine monk to perform an exorcism on their dressing room, hoping that hitting the “reset” button on Satanic presences will finally enable them to nab a win against Rimini.

“I have always been a fan,” said Gregorio Colosio, the monk who performed the rite, “and I wanted to do something to help the team.”

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the rest of their season. This may be something Bolton fans want to keep in mind as well.


Modena Turn to Exorcism to Ward Off Relegation, Satan

by Brian Phillips · November 4, 2008

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