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Harry Redknapp Is the New Manager of Tottenham Hotspur

There aren’t enough exclamation points in the keyboard for this, so here’s the dry report.

Juande Ramos is out at Tottenham, and—according to the Guardian as well as several other sources—Harry Redknapp has agreed to replace him. The Tottenham website, cautious instrument that it is, admits only to holding talks. If this is true, and there are quotes from Redknapp to the effect that it is, I’d say two things are clear:

1) If you call spirits from the vasty deep often enough, sooner or later one is bound to answer you.

2) Harry Redknapp has accepted the only challenge in football that might actually be worthy of his magnitude.

Damien Comolli and essentially the entire backroom staff are following Ramos out the door (their bodies, that is, are describing a roughly rainbow-shaped arc toward the nearest street puddle, with a gruff man’s voice shouting “…and stay out!” in the background). Daniel Levy remains untouchable, apparently. Joe Lewis remains invisible, like Oz.

Tottenham are reportedly paying Portsmouth £5 million in the move. Harry thinks this means the change will be good for Portsmouth:

[I]f we’re all being honest it was a deal which is good for the club and a chance for me to manage a big club before I retire. It worked out okay for everybody.

We’ll see, says the sniffle at the back of the Pompey Chimes. Anyway, look for the man himself in the stands during Spurs’ match against Bolton at White Hart Lane tomorrow.

More news as it arises.

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Harry Redknapp Is the New Manager of Tottenham Hotspur

by Brian Phillips · October 25, 2008

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