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You Can’t Mention Juande Ramos Without Mentioning Daniel Levy

Spurs fans get it. And yet I’ve read two dozen articles and blog posts about Ramos’s job security in the 24 hours since Tottenham’s loss to Stoke, and only a couple of them have paid any attention to Levy. A few more have dropped in a line or two about Comolli, while a good half actually skipped over the part where they might have mentioned either man’s name, instead asking only whether “Spurs” should fire Juande Ramos, as though a club were a concept with agency. So at the risk of sounding like 80% of all political bloggers: why doesn’t the media get it? Why is it so hard to see that the manager isn’t the whole story?

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You Can’t Mention Juande Ramos Without Mentioning Daniel Levy

by Brian Phillips · October 20, 2008

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