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Towards Getting That Reform That Is Needed

The American flag, executed in stained glass

We’re a team of mavericks over here at The Run of Play, which is why, doggone it, games we like to watch, and just the passion we have for the blessing to be enjoying of these players we’ve got out here. Again, good fortune. It’s an honor and a privilege to know this opportunity of writing to you every day, every day in this fall campaign we’re having, just propagating the good news of that real attacking football, maverick football, we’re trying to be ushering in of. And that’s why, too, it just seems like, gosh, now, where…where did that idea come from? Who had that idea? Was it…some other bloggers? No. It wasn’t. It was us, and here, too, just having that confidence in belief that being these games this weekend, excitement, the stakes we know, too, so high. We know what it’s like to be regular, viewing people, all across great this land of ours, everyday people, and that’s why we’ll be tuning in on these contests, as President Reagan said, too, also.

Barcelona – Atletico Madrid (Saturday, 3pm US Central Time, 12pm Alaska Time) Well, now, at Tottenham, you’ve got to say, getting pretty hot under the collar down there under the, gosh, under the job security down there at White Hart Lane. With Juande Ramos, too, there, though.

Colorado – Houston (Saturday, 8:30pm Central, 4:30pm Alaska) A lot of injuries at Stamford Bridge, I know, at Chelsea. Folks living with that hurt. I know how that feels, living that hurt, again, injuries. And I know Scolari, there, can speak in experience that darn right having those executive credentials could make all the difference in the world down there. When you tell people—when you kind of look folks in the eye, and tell them, gosh, you know who isn’t playing this week, Didier Drogba, that great leadership, statuesque player, that champion, isn’t playing, that’s where, again, it’s being that executive experience tends to kinda come to the fore. Getting that health care. Battening down those hatches for that health care of Didier Drogba.

Tottenham – Hull (Sunday, 10am Central, 6am Alaska) Well, looking at the great state of Colorado, a state I’ve always been with real sincere affection towards that state. And just fighting for their playoff lives out there. And just showing that can-do spirituality they’re known for. And you know, Texas, real maverick spirit they’ve got, tradition, just fighting for that aim, for that cause, for that noble crusade, how—how are we going to win that crusade? How are we going to obtain that victory? First off, by being privileged to observe and participate for the watching of this wonderful thrill that we’ve all been so blessed of.

Chelsea – Aston Villa (Sunday 10am Central, 6am Alaska) Two great Spanish teams, just awful close on points there, should be a real battle for ascertaining just who’s gonna score the more goals. And Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, both great players are one who we’ll be keeping an eye on, just watching there, again, with interest.


Next week: Thoughts on the crises at Tottenham and Newcastle.

Also: The return of Dr. Chesapeake Marchpane.


Towards Getting That Reform That Is Needed

by Brian Phillips · October 3, 2008

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