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I Don’t Care That Joe Kinnear Said “F*ck”

I don’t care about this. I don’t care that Joe Kinnear said “fuck” fifty times in a press conference. I guess it clears the bar for a stupid internet sensation that an angry man said swear words, and I like imagining the world’s football writers all looking up from whatever they were doing at the moment it happened, sensing something in the air, like the chosen ones in a comic book in which an alien ship has just landed. But basically “enraged person lashes out” only goes so far as an entertaining piece of psychodynamics, and without the fuck-saying this was an argument over a second-rate bit of press justice that’s too boring to explain. We need better time-wasters. I miss Avram Grant.


I Don’t Care That Joe Kinnear Said “F*ck”

by Brian Phillips · October 3, 2008

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