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A Maiden Is Sacrificed, a Football Kit Is Born

I’ve never really understood the hoopla that surrounds the unveiling of new football kits. However, now that I’ve seen this new kit-unveiling video from Bayern Munich, I can honestly say that I understand it far, far less.

Try to make yourself watch the whole thing. You’ll think you have the point by around the :50 mark, but believe me, there’s more to come. Once the blonde starts doing her little apocalyptic roller-derby jig around 1:30, things are really just getting started.

Oh, and if you have a theory about what all this means—the submarine-movie music, the ominous rolling blue lights, the occult solemnity, the enthusiastic folk-dancing—please do enlighten me in the comments.

[via With Leather]


A Maiden Is Sacrificed, a Football Kit Is Born

by Brian Phillips · July 30, 2008

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