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It Was That, Or Skin My Chauffeurs

A beastly towerWeirdest exchange between Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth during the last two quarterfinal games (tie):

1. On Hamit Altintop

Smyth: ‘Hamit’ means ‘golden ball,’ you know.
Rae: ‘Altintop’ does.
Smyth: Right.
Rae: ‘Ball that is golden.’
Smyth: One or the other.
Rae: I’m surprised you don’t remember our Turkish lessons during those very pleasant days we spent in Istanbul a few years ago.
Smyth: Oh, I remember.
Rae: Tommy, I’d have thought you’d remember that ‘top’ means ‘ball.’
Smyth: ‘Golden ball,’ that’s right.

2. On American teen pop

Rae [dutifully reading promo]: Tonight, on the Wonderful World of Disney, don’t miss the premiere of the Jonas Brothers’ new sitcom, ‘Camp Rock,’ together with never-before-seen footage and a new Jonas Brothers video.
Smyth [with unfeigned enthusiasm]: What a great group—you know, I met Nick two years ago after a performance of the Beauty and the Beast. He has a wonderful new single out now called ‘Just a Little Longer’ that’s about livin’ with diabetes. And you know, ten percent of all the profits they make go to the Change for the Children Foundation, one of Nick’s charities. ‘Just a Little Longer.’ Great single.
[incredulous gaping pause]
Smyth: Just a great single from Nick.
Rae: You and teen pop. Whatever will it be next.
Smyth: Well, but the Beauty and the Beast—that’s everybody’s favorite.
Rae: True.

The fact that I wake up every day feeling thankful that ESPN assigned the announcers it did to this tournament should not in any way be taken as a slight against John Harkes and JP Dellacamera.

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It Was That, Or Skin My Chauffeurs

by Brian Phillips · June 22, 2008

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