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Referee Abuse: Your Thoughts

The rage of Ashley Cole.

I have a post over at Pitch Invasion about the issue of referee abuse in football and the ways in which the media and fans perceive the problem differently. Mostly, I’m asking readers (that’s you!) for their own opinions on the subject, as for some reason I have very little sense of what other people think about it:

Is referee abuse a problem for you? Is it an issue in the games you play in, in the leagues you follow, or for the teams you support? When you see seven Chelsea players throng around Mike Dean like a school of aggrieved piranhas, do you think “Serves him right for getting the call wrong” or “Someone toss them a poisoned cow”?

Read the full post here, and take a look at Pitch Invasion while you’re at it.


Referee Abuse: Your Thoughts

by Brian Phillips · March 24, 2008

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