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Welcome to the New World Order

Peter Kenyon, a man of grace and style.The G-14 has agreed to disband in a deal with FIFA that will see clubs receive compensation for players taking part in international duty. The details are extremely vague at this point, and the deal seems to be limited to a “letter of intent,” but at least until more information emerges this looks like a colossal victory for Blatter and Platini against the power of the big European clubs. The threat of a breakaway superleague appears to have expired, gently, in its sleep, and the lawsuits that the G-14 had arrayed around FIFA will pack up their things and go home. The deal will result in the creation of a European Clubs Association (a spinoff of the UEFA forum that Platini used to weaken the G-14 last year) that will include many more clubs and be more cooperative with UEFA.

The new arrangement also looks like a big win for Chelsea’s Peter Kenyon, who’s effectively used Chelsea’s position outside the G-14 to increase his own influence by rallying the smaller clubs that the G-14 left out.

Whatever the case, it’s tough to take any information from any of these sources at face value (cf. Joan Laporta: “Friendship and confidence is the basis for our game…. It is a victory for all.”) So what are the angles that aren’t being reported at the moment? What’s in it for the G-14, really? What’s the sinister spin?

UPDATE:  The sinister spin at Pitch Invasion; and at 200percent.


Welcome to the New World Order

by Brian Phillips · January 15, 2008

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