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We left the window open during a match in October 2007 and a strange wind blew into the room.

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Nude, Unstoppable Force Absolutely Destroyed By Immovable Object in Bee Suit

Words are feeble instruments for expressing my gratitude to Who Ate All the Pies for giving this clip another moment in the sun yesterday. It shows Bertie Bee, the plush mascot of Burnley, bringing down a streaker with the precision and violence of a much meaner-looking fanciful children’s character. What no one realized at the time (this happened in 2002) was that the man inside the bee suit was Her Majesty’s entire 1st Heavy Armoured Brigade.

Easily the best part of the video is Bertie Bee’s celebration at the end, the entirety of which appears to have been choreographed in advance just in case a streaker-tackling incident ever happened to arise. (Kids, there’s always an outside chance that a nude man will sprint across the pitch in your match against Preston North End. Don’t ever forget it.) Just pure professionalism from Bertie Bee.

Note that you will see many intimate details of this streaker’s body if you choose to play the video. You have been warned. Clicking the play button represents your choice to see the personal characteristics of a very determined man.


Nude, Unstoppable Force Absolutely Destroyed By Immovable Object in Bee Suit

by Brian Phillips · January 9, 2008

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