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Five Stories You Don’t Have to Care About in 2008

Cork poppingThis week’s Run of Play at Pitch Invasion feature looks ahead to some of the stories the football media will be covering in 2008, and chooses five that you can safely ignore. There are only so many minutes in the day, and New Year’s is the perfect time to clear the clutter out of your schedule.

1. Joey Barton’s legal troubles. Because they have nothing to do with anything and aren’t even interesting or funny in themselves. Honestly, if the news that Joey Barton got into a scuffle over a stuffed peacock outside a 24-hour dry cleaner makes you feel the faintest twinge of curiosity, I’m afraid you’re already lost. It’s not a great sign that you’re even still reading this paragraph. There are days when I care so little about whether Joey Barton is in jail that I can barely chew my own food.

Read the full list here, and be sure to take a tour through Pitch Invasion while you’re at it.

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Five Stories You Don’t Have to Care About in 2008

by Brian Phillips · December 28, 2007

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