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José Mourinho Has a Ride, No Longer Wants You to Come and Get Him

Sign reading For the 67th time since the Croatia match, it’s being reported that José Mourinho has taken himself out of the running to be the next England manager. This account seems to be more real than some of the others. And yet I’ve heard the story so many times that I can’t quite believe it now, even though the quotes seem unassailable, and even though it makes perfect sense that Mourinho would let the England speculation run for a few weeks, watch his image get shined to a nice golden tone, and then withdraw in favor of the club job he really wanted. So why do I still have this addled idea that we’re going to see a “Mourinho to FA: I’m all ears”-style story tomorrow? Do you have it, too, or have I just got sunspots in my eyes?


José Mourinho Has a Ride, No Longer Wants You to Come and Get Him

by Brian Phillips · December 10, 2007

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