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Micah Richards Is a Courteous Columnist

From Micah Richards’ BBC column on Steve McClaren today:

He gave me my England debut and for someone to pick a defender for England at 18, like he did with me, takes balls….

It is not easy to come into the England set-up at that age but Steve made me feel welcome and he put me on the map.

I haven’t spoken to him yet but I will send him a text in the next week or so when things cool down a bit to tell him thanks for everything he did for me.

It says a lot about Micah Richards that he’d choose to go to such lengths to support his disgraced ex-manager. I mean, to take the time to craft an entire text message when he could have just slapped something up on McClaren’s Facebook wall…you just don’t see relationship skills like these in teenagers anymore. Micah Richards is a throwback. He is old school. He is straight out of mid-2004.

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Micah Richards Is a Courteous Columnist

by Brian Phillips · November 23, 2007

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