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Juande Ramos Is Now Unemployed

Juande Ramos straightens his tie.Juande Ramos has resigned from Sevilla in a move that seems a certain prelude to his replacing Gary Megson at Leicester. Ramos declined to give a press conference at Sevilla, but “has chosen his website as a means of saying goodbye to the club,” according to a statement released by Sevilla. In other news, have announced no plans to consider increasing their server capacity.

UPDATE: With a machete, a pith helmet, and patience, I have successfully reached the English front page of There’s nothing about his resignation, but I have learned his greatest belief:

What you put into football you get back, a thousandfold.

No word on whether endlessly hitting reload after countless page timeouts counts as putting something into football.

SECOND UPDATE: Ramos has confirmed on his website that he has received “an offer he couldn’t refuse” and is moving to London with his family. He coyly avoids mentioning Tottenham by name, however, and in an evident conspiracy to keep the third period out of the ellipsis for as long as possible, there’s no announcement from Spurs. It’s surely a done deal at this point, or as close as there is to such a thing in football.

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Juande Ramos Is Now Unemployed

by Brian Phillips · October 27, 2007

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