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Are Spurs Too Good for Juande Ramos?

That’s what Nick Miller suspects at the Football365 Blog.

Ramos has yet to prove he can break the sort of hold that Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have over the rest of the league. This quartet dominate the Premier League in the same way that the Real Madrid and Barcelona duopoly do in Spain, and for all his relative success, Ramos didn’t crack that nut.

It’s a fair point to make given the Tottenham board’s obvious fixation on breaking into the top four. But the Tottenham board’s ambition isn’t necessarily reflected in the team’s short-term potential, and I think it’s unlikely that Spurs will find a candidate more renowned than Ramos who’s also willing to take the job. It’s true that, as Miller writes, Fabio Capello and Marcelo Lippi are available. But neither man will be interested in Tottenham, and why should he be? For a promising coach still working his way up to the level of world-class teams, Tottenham looks like a risk worth taking; for anyone who’s already reached that level, I suspect it just looks like a headache.

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Are Spurs Too Good for Juande Ramos?

by Brian Phillips · October 27, 2007

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